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Urom Chakavak
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Urom Chakavak is proud to be producing and supplying white meat in the northwest of the country with a staff of 1200 meters with experienced personnel and personnel, and we hope that we will take an effective step in the development and prosperity of our beloved Iran.

Employment level

We have directly created employment for 734 people in West Azarbaijan province

Average production

Ability to produce more than 1500 tons of meat chicken, both hot and frozen, per month


38 years of experience and hard work

We put quality first
Urom Chakavak Products

leg with skin

Hot segmentation

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Neck without skin

Hot segmentation

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half a wing

Hot segmentation

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Whole skinless breast

Hot segmentation

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Neck Without Skin Hot Segmentation
Half A Wing Hot Segmentation
Whole Skinless Breast Hot Segmentation
Leg With Skin Hot Segmentation
The most powerful chain in the northwest of the country
Integrated chain of chicken meat production

Urom Chakavak production group is proud to serve the dear consumers in the form of a collection called "Integrated chain of chicken meat production" as the most powerful chain in the north-west of the country with experienced staff and personnel producing and supplying white meat to all parts of the country.
In this regard, with the guidance of experts and hardworking experts of the honorable ministries of agriculture, labor cooperation and social welfare, mining industry and trade, as well as the respected veterinary and environmental protection organizations of the country, we hope to take effective steps in the development and prosperity of our beloved country of Iran and serve Let's take away the worthy and honorable nation.
The current teaser shows a small and insignificant corner of the services of the hardworking personnel of "Urom Chakavak Integrated Chicken Meat Production Chain" in the form of cooperative collections available in the teaser.

Your trust is our honor
Customers Reviews

Sohail Emami

I have been preparing hot chicken meat from Khushpokht for many years and I was satisfied. The quality of Khushpokht is guaranteed and you can rest assured about what you are selling.

Babak Jahanbakhsh

store manager
As the manager of the store, I have to provide products that do not have any problems and the customers are satisfied with them. Khushpokht products always satisfy customers.

Masoud Khodayi

store manager
If quality is important to you and organic chicken meat products are your priority. If you care about your customers and value your credit, I suggest that you definitely use Khushpokht products.
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