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Urom Chakavak

Urom Chakavak Hen Production Group started its activity in 1985 with the construction of broiler poultry units and until 2013, the company completed the chain and obtained a license with a capacity of 20,000 tons per year in a way that today, "Urom Chakavak complete zero to one hundred poultry meat production chain" with more than 38 years of effective and efficient activity in the chicken meat production industry of West Azerbaijan province, including units such as an grandparent unit, 6 broiler breeder farms, a hatchery unit, 59 multiple poultry meat farms (owned, leased and cooperative), poultry feed factory, poultry industrial slaughterhouse with a slaughter capacity of 6,000 pieces per hour, veterinary clinic consisting of poultry medicine, treatment and clinical and health services and more than 175 chicken meat direct supply centers and cut products in the country by supplying 20% of the chicken meat needed by the province and also setting up the "Alo Morgh" system to accept phone orders and capillary distribution of products and delivery to the desired address of the customer with skilled manpower and to set the protein production gear in motion; about 1,500,000 kg of chicken meat and cut products are produced and delivered to all parts of West Azerbaijan as well as the provinces of the country, and with the direct employment of 734 people, many times with titles such as "Best National Cooperative" (three times in a row), National Production Champion, Selected Exporter (twice in a row), Selected Entrepreneur (twice in a row), Exemplary Provincial Chain in 2019, Exemplary Unit of the country's health-oriented industry in 1400, Top National Entrepreneur in 1401 and etc." has been proud and continues to do so for the poultry industry and the people of West Azerbaijan province.


The honor of companionship since 1364,
in West Azarbaijan province, Urmia city


38 years of experience and continuous work

“Urom Chakavak Integrated Chicken Meat Production Chain” today, with the ability to produce 23,000 tons of chicken meat, as well as the processing of fresh and frozen chicken products, is willingly and gratefully ready to sign contracts inside and outside the country (exports) with organizations, institutions, public and private companies and poultry farmers, etc.
Urom Chakavak Production Group

Urom Chakavak Production Group is one of the most successful and complete chicken meat production chains in the country.

CEO and member of board of directors
Ghayebali Qasemi
khosh pokht director
Behnam Jafari Yadgarlou
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Ali fareghi