West Azerbaijan becomes the hub of the country’s livestock inputs

Urom Chakavak Production Group – Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs and Resource Development of the Governor of West Azerbaijan, referring to the agreements made with Turkish investors and resident Iranians during a recent trip to this country, said: This province has the capacity to become the hub of the country’s livestock inputs. and can use this capacity in line with job creation and development of the province.
According to the public relations report of the Urom Chakavak production group, quoted by ITP News, Reza Hosseini added: the value of investment in this sector is so much that more than eight thousand jobs will be created in West Azerbaijan and the north of this province just because of the provision of livestock inputs. is created
He added: Of course, other indirect jobs will be created with the implementation of this big project in West Azerbaijan, which can provide the basis for the growing prosperity of the province.
He pointed out that getting the consent of the ministries such as agriculture, industry, mining and trade for the implementation of this big project is on the agenda, he said: he also intends to make a preliminary for allocating one thousand billion Rials for working capital and building infrastructure. We are in favor of this plan, which we hope will be implemented.
The deputy of coordination of economic affairs and development of resources of the governor of West Azerbaijan regarding the capabilities of this province in line with the implementation of this project said: the existence of five border terminals, 9 customs and bazaars, more than 900 km borders with Turkey and other countries, as well as the significant capacity of the region. Azad Mako is one of these advantages.
Referring to the four-day trip to various Turkish provinces including Istanbul, Trabzon and Erzurum in order to attract investors, Hosseini continued: introducing the capabilities of the province in order to attract foreign investments and the capital of Iranians abroad for the implementation of important projects. Economic and industrial were among the important programs of this trip, and we achieved a significant part of them.
He informed about attracting Turkish investors to cooperate in the development of livestock sector in West Azerbaijan and added: During this trip, we introduced Turkish investors and resident Iranians to the capabilities of this province and they also declared their readiness to invest. .
He considered the proposal to set up a logistics center in West Azarbaijan with Iran and Turkey as one of the most important achievements of this trip and added: In this regard, it was decided to establish a joint logistics and transportation company, and for this purpose, 500 trucks will be allocated. It was emphasized by Iran and 500 devices by Turkey.
The deputy of economic affairs and resource development of the governor of West Azarbaijan said: This is a big step that, in addition to creating security for the transport sector of the province, will also open the gate of the world’s markets to us.
Referring to the results of his trip to “Trabzon” as one of the important commercial centers of Eastern Turkey, Hosseini continued: In addition to the agreement with the officials and investors of this region to develop cooperation, it was decided to transport live livestock from this region to West Azerbaijan. which is a significant result.
He considered one of the most important possibilities for the development of cooperation between West Azerbaijan and Turkey, especially the east of this country, is the use of the capacity of the Silk Road route and said: Of course, this route has been diverted in the past, but it can be revived by providing conditions and creating infrastructure. said that this is very effective in the development of business in the province.
He emphasized: West Azerbaijan and the eastern provinces of Turkey should provide infrastructure in order to revive the transit route of the Silk Road, and its important results will be effective for the increasing development of these areas.

It is worth mentioning that Ghaib Ali Ghasemi, the CEO of Urom Chakavak Production Group, the most powerful integrated chain of chicken meat production in the northwest of the country, was also present in this economic trip with the Iranian group.