The CEO of KhoshPokht Slaughterhouse as the top national entrepreneur

In the ceremony of the 13th festival honoring the best national entrepreneurs of the country, “Behnam Jafari” from the cooperative company of the industrial slaughterhouse of KhoshPokht from the “Integrated chain of chicken meat production in Urom Chakavak” was introduced as “exemplary and best national and country entrepreneur” and awarded The plaque and statue of the festival was honored and appreciated by the CEO of KhoshPokht Company.

According to the public relations report of Urom Chakavak Production Group, quoting from the information center of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, this festival aims to identify entrepreneurs across the country and select the best entrepreneurs and introduce them as top role models to the members of society, especially the youth, with the presence of Ishaq Jahangiri, First Vice President and Mohammad Shariatmadari, Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare were held.

The names of top international entrepreneurs, the CEO of KhoshPokht Slaughterhouse Urom Chakavak was present as the only representative of West Azarbaijan province in this festival; It is as follows:

“Behnam Jafari Yadgarlou” from Cooperative Cooperative Company of Industrial Poultry Slaughterhouse from West Azarbaijan

Mohsen Ehtsham from Trond Saffron Qain Company from South Khorasan Province

Ahmad Hosseinzadeh from Terzarayan Azar software company from Mazandaran province

Laleh Hejazi from Barij Essan Pharmaceutical Company from Central Province

Ali Rasoulizadei from Part Information Financial Processing Company from Tehran province

Abdul Hossein Sharfi from Radman Sanat consulting engineers company from Fars province

Mohammad Reza Zahir Emami from Farasan Industrial Production Company from Fars province

Sultan Hossein Fatahi from Amrsan Industrial Group from Tehran province

Mohsen Golpour from the company of frequent material engineering from Qazvin province

Mohammad Lotfi from Negin Faraz Fireworks Company from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

Mohammad Mohammadi from Mahiran breeding-research company from Tehran province

Naveed Najat Bakhsh Azadani from Sepahan Science Foundation Bahyar Sanat Company from Isfahan province

It is worth noting; Since 2013, Urom Chakavak Production Group and KhoshPukht Industrial Slaughterhouse has won the top national and country titles several times in various fields, such as top national cooperative, top national entrepreneur, selected exporter, etc.